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June 14, 2017 | by Daniil Volkov
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LoL: Patch 7.12 Complete Breakdown

League of Legends patch 7.12 is here, and it’s a big one! You can expect these changes to reshape the competitive meta, so let’s see which ones are the most impactful.


Camille – Minor buffs

The Steel Shadow’s passive got its cooldown cut by 20% for the early levels, and her Precision Protocol [Q] got a 20% damage increase for its second strike. While these changes seem fairly minor, you always have to wary when buffing a champion like Camille, since her kit simple offers too many tools to work with. We don’t expect her to make a massive comeback yet, but we might see a few more Camilles here and there.

Corki – Massive buffs

We hope you’re ready to embrace the Corki meta because this champion received some massive buffs. The slight base attack damage and attack speed buffs are nice, but the real game-changer is his passive, which now makes his basic attacks deal a whopping 80% of magical damage!

The reason why this is so huge is that most champions don’t have as much built-in magic resistance, so they will have to either invest into defensive items or risk getting two-shot by Corki’s auto attacks. And the change to make Corki’s Phosphorous Bomb [Q] and Missile Barrage [R] bufferable during Valkyrie [W] will make his combos that much smoother.

Ivern – Slight nerf

Ivern is getting some damage taken away from his Tigerseed [E], resulting in a 50 damage lost at max rank. It’s definitely a hit, but Ivern was never picked for his damage. And the fact that a number of support items are getting reworked or straight up buffed lead us to believe that Ivern will still be the go-to jungle choice in many situations.

Jax – Slight buff

50 bonus range to an Empowered Strike [W] is nice, but it’s not enough to make Jax a meta pick. Not only is his laning phase still rough, but there are many other champions that are flat out better at his job. Sorry, Jax, but you’re still stuck in Solo Queue.

Jhin – Minor buffs

The Virtuoso received a 5 damage nerf to his Dancing Grenade [Q] while getting slightly more scaling in return. His Curtain Call [R] also got small damage boosts at all ranks. These changes are nice but Jhin’s biggest problem is that after the lethality nerfs, there’s just no new build that’d make him worth picking. And until that’s fixed, don’t expect the Viruoso to become an S-tier marksman.

Karma – Substantial nerfs

Karma’s Inspire [E] got cut down by 20 at the highest rank, and her Mantra [R] + Inspire [E] combo now only grants a 30% shield to secondary targets (down from 50%). Of course, these changes might be negated by the Athene’s Unholy Grail buffs, but the fact that most Karmas didn’t even get the item before leaves us doubtful. Overall, this might lead to Karma dropping off and other utility supports like Janna or Nami taking her place.

Kindred – Substantial buffs

Riot is still trying to make Kindred work as a jungle marksman. The added range to Wolf’s Frenzy [W] (from 1200 to 1400) and reduced cost of Mounting Dread [E] (from 70 to 50 mana) are steps in the right direction, and a slight base damage increase is a nice icing on a Kindred main’s cake. But unfortunately, it’s not enough. Even if Kindred is great at scaling, there just won’t be enough time to do so in competitive play.

Malzahar – Slight nerfs

Malzahar got his Call of the Void [Q] and Nether Grasp [R] damage cut by 20 and 50 at max ranks respectively. Nice changes for Solo Queue players that considered the Prophet of the Void too overwhelming. But in pro play, most mid laners already know how to play around him, so Malzahar wasn’t even a part of the mid lane equation.

Rakan – Bug fix

Apparently, Rakan had a bug where his passive shield didn’t benefit from shield amplifying effects, so that’s getting fixed now. While the change is minor, Rakan has already been creeping up as the sleeper OP of the season. His all-in potential is through the roof, especially if he’s combined with Xayah, and you can expect to see even more of The Charmer down the line.

Rek’Sai – Substantial buffs

Even Riot seems to realize that Rek’Sai rework gutted her. The Void Burrower is getting a number of buffs, including base damage and armor growth tweaks, 0.8 bonus attack damage on Un-burrow [W] (up from 0.4), and a higher likelihood of hitting her Void Rush [R]. Of course, this is great for Rek’Sai mains, but her rework simply stripped too much of her identity of a jungle splitpusher—and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Rumble – Nerfed laning, minor buffs to rest

Rumble has been the best top lane AP carry for a while, so he’s getting some nerfs to his laning phase. His heat now takes twice as long to decay, and the Flamespitter [Q] does decreased damage to minions and has a higher cooldown, although it did receive a sizeable damage boost at early ranks. Scrap Shield [W] and Electro Harpoon [E] also got minor buffs. Overall, Rumble will still be a monster in the late game but managing his heat during the laning phase will be much more troublesome. Mindlessly spamming his abilities will no longer be an option, and pros will have to rely on delicate timings to win their lane.

Xayah – Substantial nerfs

Ah, Xayah. The feather-clad marksman turned into an S-tier bot lane pick due to her massive damage in the mid and late game. Well, she’s about to lose quite a bit of power, since Xayah no longer can use basic attacks while firing Double Daggers [Q] and her Deadly Plumage [W] got a 25% cooldown increase. This likely won’t be enough to push Xayah out of the meta, but it will definitely make her more manageable.

Zac – Slight nerfs

This green blob of a champion has been terrorizing the Rift ever since patch 7.11. Riot is trying to fix this by taking away 10 damage from his Unstable Matter [W] and 20 damage from Elastic Slingshot [E]. Even so, Zac’s engages are simply too strong at the moment, and you can expect him to continue his rampage.


Locket of the Iron Solari – Substantial nerf

Locket got its shield active cut down by around 30% while also getting additional scaling from caster’s health as a compensation. While this might make Locket as powerful as it once was in the later stages of the game, this a clear-cut nerf to one of the most popular support items. Expect to see other purchases take its place.

Redemption – Nerfs to early game, buffs to scaling

Redemption has been a go-to support item for ages. Well, it’s getting the Locket treatment by receiving around a 20% nerf to its active heal as well as -100 health and -25% base health regen. What’s more interesting, is the additional scaling on its heal, which will now get three times the boost from shield and heal amplifiers. With that in mind, we still foresee Redemption being a key support purchase, although it might not always be the best item to rush.

Zeke’s Convergence – Complete rework, potential huge buff

Say hello to a new support item because Zeke’s is being reworked! The item has an entirely different build path (Aegis of Legion + Glacial Shroud) and gives more armor and magic resistance instead of ability power.

But the real kicker is its active. You can still bind Zeke to one of your allies, but now you can manually activate it by using an ultimate near your teammate. This will summon a frost storm that will slow enemies inside it by 20% and amplify your ally’s basic attacks to burn for 50% bonus magic damage over 2 seconds. And if that wasn’t enough, you can auto attack a burning target and cause your frost storm to deal 40 damage per second and slow enemies for twice as much.

On paper, this looks like a killer teamfighting item for tanky supports like Braum, Blitzcrank, and Thresh. The only question is how easy it will be to disengage and wait out the frost storm since it only lasts for 10 seconds. But considering that champions like Blitz and Thresh will oftentimes bring the fight to you, this might not even be an option.

Athene’s Unholy Grail – Substantial buffs

Athene’s now grants less ability power (down to 30 from 40) and cooldown reduction (down to 10% from 20%). Its blood earn rate got a slight increase, but the real game changer is the new passive that gives 5 ability power for every 25% base mana regeneration. This might not sound like much, but considering how much mana regen utility-based items have, supports are about to get a lot of free AP.

Banner of Command – Minor buffs

Banner of Command no longer gives mana and instead has a unique passive that grants bonus speed near turrets, destroyed turrets, and Void Gates. Cool. But not cool enough to change its status of an incredibly niche item.

Knight’s Vow – Substantial buff

Kinght’s Vow loses its base health regeneration and gains 10% cooldown reduction instead. Considering how much more valuable CDR is on tanks, it’s a welcome change for every support main.

Righteous Glory – Substantial buff

Righteous Glory loses some health (down to 400 from 500) and gets 30 armor and cooldown reduction in return. Additionally, the slow nova active no longer can be activated manually, and will automatically trigger when you’re close to an enemy champion. Although losing the ability to manually activate the slow nova sucks, the raw stats of the new Righteous Glory are more than enough to make up for the loss. Still a niche item, though.

Glacial Shroud and Raptor Cloak – Minor buff

Both items cost a 100 gold less, presumably to make them more affordable for supports. This won’t impact the cost of the Iceborn Gauntlet, Frozen Heart, Ohmwrecker, or Zz’rot Portal.

Talisman of Ascension – Minor buff

The Talisman of Ascension upgrade now costs 200 gold less, which makes it a much more attractive option for utility supports.

Doran’s Ring – Substantial nerf

The passive that replenished mana on minion kills is now Unique, meaning that we’ll no longer see tanks stacking three Doran’s Rings for sustainability, damage, and mana regen. Great news for everyone who was tired of tanks mindlessly pushing in minion waves while also outtrading their opponents.

Doran’s Shield – Substantial nerf

Doran’s Shield got its price increased from 400 to 450 gold! While it might seem minor, this change means that Doran’s Shield users will only be able to afford a single potion, which will definitely make the item’s sustain more manageable.


So that’s it for our patch 7.12 breakdown! There were a lot of changes to cover, but we hope that our analysis will give you a better idea of how big this patch was and what effect it will have on the competitive meta.

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