Where to bet

On this page we have gathered all the best sportsbook operators who offer great deals on esport betting. If you want to do some more research about each operator, follow the link from each logo. Or just click Sign Up to head on over straight away to utilize their respective great welcome offers.


300% matched Free Bet
on first deposit.


50% up to 50 EUR with bonus code 'FIRST'


100% deposit bonus up to €50


100% welcome bonus on first deposit


100% up to €133.7 on your first deposit!


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Deposit €10, bet for €30!


200% up to €100 on first deposit

What do the offers mean?

It might not be clear for you what all these percentages and value mean when signing up to a new sportsbook operator. We’re gonna guide you through this as well, so that you can make well-informed decisions that suit your preferences.

Percentage offers

One of the most common bonuses you’ll find is a deposit bonus that is proportional to your deposit. A 100% bonus means that you will receive a bonus that is equal in size to the deposit you make. A 200% bonus means that the bonus will be twice the size of your deposit, while a 50% bonus will grant you a bonus half the size of your deposit.

These offers always come with a limit for the bonus size, states as an amount. You could get 100% bonus up to €100. This means that the highest amount you can receive as a bonus is €100, and that will be achieved by depositing €100. You can still make a larger deposit if you like, but the bonus will never exceed €100.

When you get 100% bonus it is usually quite easy to calculate, but sometimes you might see 50%, 200% or any other percentage. The principle is still the same though. To maximize your bonus in a 50% up to €100 offer, you need to deposit €200 while a 200% bonus up to €100 only requires a €50 deposit.

Sometimes these offers are written in total amounts rather than percentages. You might come across an offer to deposit €10 and get €30 to play with. This is the same thing as 200% up to €20. You usually see this when the total amounts are lower.